Dr Stuart Freedenfeld(MAPS)

Dr. Stuart Freedenfeld received his Medical Degree, with honors, from the College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in 1975. He completed a 3 year residency in Family Practice at Hunterdon Medical Center and became board certified and a diplomat of the Academy of Family Practice in 1978. Dr. Freedenfeld served as clinical instructor at Delaware Valley Family Health Center until opening Stockton Family Practice in December 1978. In addition, he served as President of the Hunterdon County Medical Society from 1985-86, was chairman of the Quality Advisory Committee of a major health maintenance organization from 1992-2001, and presently holds a position as clinical instructor with Rutgers Medical School.
In 1988, Dr. Freedenfeld began studying herbal medicine, nutritional therapies and homeopathy. Over the years, he has undertaken hundreds of hours of additional study to gain expertise in traditional herbalism, Chinese herbalism, homeopathy, nutritional medicine and IV therapies such as chelation. He is an internationally respected lecturer in areas including autism, ADD/ADHD, detoxification and many afflictions associated with aging. Additionally, he is recognized as one of the leading experts on the integration of multiple forms of healing.

AAF Virtual Consultation

Awareness of autism is extremely low in India , but there are many wealthy parents who can afford to consult a USA doctor. Few manage to come to USA and treat the patients if they are lucky with visa. Others  who cannot come have to rely on open minded local doctors with limited resources.

AAF trained a local doctor from Delhi in 2009 and since then more then 50 children are on MB12 shots. Even after training professionals need consultation with other professionals. This is the best opportunity for parents as well as professionals.

AAF is collaborating with different education consultants, pharmacies and labs who can provide resources.

At present we are identifying doctors who are in India and open for training and willing to get trained.

AAF Virtual Clinic

Treat the children in India/other country

o  Trained local Doctor will identify patients from India for consulting with USA MAP doctor

o   These parents then do a consultation with a USA doctor at the local doctor’s office (as if USA doctor training local doctor)

o   Local doctor will prescribe medications and test kits

o   These parents will pay AAF and AAF will pay USA MAP doctor (discounted for International patients)

AAF Virtual Clinic: Consult a USA doctor with local doctor online

1) Become our AAF Classic member, if you are already an Active Classic member we can go ahead with booking the consultation. If not then upgrade to classic
2)Book the slot: programs@akhilautismfoundation.org
3)Paid registration slot: get suitable times and dates with your local doctor ( this can be done online )
4) Preferred days are M-F between 10:00 am (EST) which  is 7:30 pm your time
5)we will send you paper work
6)You send us the paper work and questions
7)Consultation is usually $150 -$200 for first one hour

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