Akhil Autism Foundation believes autism is a Medical disorder,  with Brain-Mind-Body disconnect.

  • Mission: Every autistic individual deserves treatment and every parent and professionals needs education.
  • Make successful treatments affordable and accessible to every individual.
    Help Autistic individuals lead an independent & functional life.

Our View of Autism

  • Autism is an epidemic and it started with a view as psychological disorder. The view is now is changing towards medical disorder gradually. Though mainstream doctors see Autism from behavior perspective and offer Behavior Therapy as first line of treatment.
  • Key players to standardize, research and bring it into mainstream with insurance coverage were .B.F.Skinner, IvarLovaas.
  • Few researchers like Stanley Greenspan(DIR Floortime), Dr Miller (Miller method), SonRise, Steven Gutstein Ph.D. (RDI) program brought some other approaches and changed the perspective of autism to Relationship building adding brain development and reflexes.
  • Quick summary of views:-
    • Traditional view: Autistic individual requires Behavior intervention – shape up behaviors, provide Speech Therapy, Occupational therapy, Academic education based on comprehension and output shown by the body.
    • Emerging view: Autistic individual needs medical treatments,relationship intervention, sensory integration(integrated reflexes), Speech therapy, academic based and employment
    • AAF view: Autism medical disorder with mind-brain-body disconnect. Parents, professionals, caregivers need education and support. RPM and Neurosensory motor reflex integration therapies to connect mind-brain-body.Two autistic individuals are not same thus treatment results will vary. Novel treatments are necessary.


  1. Workshops and Seminars – 
    We identify emerging/cutting-edge treatments and therapies in the field of Autism and invite leading practitioners from all over to conduct workshops at a subsidized cost in a central location that caters to a large network of families. Furthermore, we provide grants to those families that require additional financial assistance to participate in our programs.
  2. Biomedical Initiatives –
    We organize biomedical clinics to facilitate and expedite evaluation, consultation, treatment plan and referral services from a registered nurse and physician at a reduced cost.

  3. Research Grants –
    We provide monetary grants to universities for Autism research. Our latest collaboration with Rutgers University involved evaluating the efficacies of vibro-tactile feedback and independent typing on language acquisition through self-regulation of sensory-motor control.
  4. Social Skills Programs –
    Care For A Friend is our social skills program geared towards social inclusion of autistic children among their neuro-typical peers.
  5. Our Efforts Overseas – 
    We collaborate with organizations in developing countries (with much less access to latest therapies and treatments) and sponsor workshops, clinics and programs such as “Treat-A-Child” (in India) to spread awareness on the latest innovations and techniques in the field of Autism.
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