Manisha and Mahesh Lad two extremely dedicated parents whose only son, Akhil, was diagnosed with Autism in 2002 at the age of 18 months. Since then, they have completely and passionately dedicated themselves to researching and providing Akhil with the most current and appropriate treatment and interventions available in the US . Like other parents our journey started with behavior intervention and non-believers in any alternative treatments. With Akhil’s some good progress with behavior intervention and hearing some success stories of alternative treatments our journey started. Akhil has undergone various alternative functional medicine treatments and all his underlying medical conditions were treated which helped all his behaviors.

By age 10 he as a very different boy socially connected but yet there was a missing puzzle zero academics inspite of attending one of the best schools in NJ still nonverbal and had no communication media for expressing his thoughts. One of the testing done by Dr Frank Duffy from Harvard stated “he can process ,decode the information at a rapid speed but returning back is a problem”. By Age 11 Akhil was exposed to Supported Typing also called Facilitation Communication(FC) and this is the first time when Akhil got to express his thoughts via ipad. We had new Akhil and puzzled us further saying “<strong><em><u>my brain does not give instructions to my body. I cannot see my body in my mind</u></em></strong>”. Akhil’s school and his communication experienced us a new emerging view of autism as “Mind and Body Disconnect”. Very few autistic individuals have expressed this view and slowly the nonverbal population of autistic individuals is growing and explaining the inner world. It will take a long time for mainstream and educational experts to accept this view of autism. Huge concern now was how to connect his mind to his body and we researched one more novel treatment Masgutova Neurosensorimotor reflex integration method(MNRI)  treatment created by  Dr Svetlana Masgutova . After attending each 5 days camp twice a year with home program 1 hr every 5 days in the home he is now able to independent type and connect his mind to his body at a faster speed.  While working on his body it was important we teach his mind and transitioning from controversial communication approach to more independent using Rapid Prompting Method(RPM) which helped him to learn all age appropriate education.

Akhil now learns all grade level academics in his school and is becoming more independent. He has a decision and view in every part of family friends and society. College University and doing research are some of his goals favorite subjects are Algebra, Astrophysics, Chemistry.

March 2017 Akhil participated in a Autism Savant study with Dr Daine Powell Neuroscientists which excited Dr Deepak Chopra to meet him and name Akhil is a Genius.

With Dr Deepak Chopra

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