Autism Research

Since 2008, the Akhil Autism Foundation has been a trailblazer in serving people with autism, their families and the professionals who serve them. We are trying to research latest treatments and interventions. It’s our mission to bring in information about current studies and issue bulletins to our constituents to communicate and explain key new research findings. Today, 41 individuals will be diagnosed with autism, and their families have no clear path to treat the symptoms of this complex condition. For this reason, our organization wants to keep our constituents fully informed of research developments as they arise.

Our Collaboration with Rutgers Brain Health Institute

Our Research Goals

Our Research Goals

-To identify, validate and apply methodologies that improve the symptoms of Autistic children.

-The current methodologies of interest include behavioral and neurosensory approaches, nutritional approaches, objective tools for measuring changes/improvements in Autistic behaviors, and assistive social accommodations.

Collaborate with leading universities and provide grants to Principal Investors for following

1.     Diagnosis (Develop tools and methods for initial diagnosis, monitoring disease progression and treatment efficacy)

Research programs that:

  • Develop cognitive and behavioral protocols for clinical use
  • Identify “best practices” treatment approaches
  • Develop diagnostic computational tools

2.     Treatments (Develop therapies and methods for treatment)

Research programs that:

  • Develop cognitive behavior therapy protocols
  • Develop cognitive & physical rehabilitation protocols
  • Develop brain-machine interfaces

3.     Tools(Develop tools and methods for research)

Research programs that:

  • Develop screening tools (yeast, bacteria,immune system, inflammation )
  • Develop computational tools  
  • Develop bio-mechanical and bio-electronic devices

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